Inventory Counts

Sledge provides regional retailers with customized inventory services. Our partners have access to industry-leading solutions through dedicated auditors, advanced technology, and efficient processes.

Partnering with Sledge allows you to benefit from the cost effectiveness of outsourcing and the flexibility and responsiveness of internal operations. This is done in a timely manner and is customized to your specific standards and needs.

Our people make us great

Whatever the situation, we've got you covered

Sledge prides itself on the quality of auditors and team leaders you will see in your stores.

Well-trained, dedicated, and efficient personnel.

Auditors have one job only - your stores.

Highly skilled team leaders versed in current technology and retail business.

Auditors trained prior to being in your stores and with your needs in mind

Professional and inconspicuous.

Features & Benefits

Having our experienced team perform the inventory enables your high-value personnel to stay focused on what’s most important to your business – your customer.

Cost is lower with SLEDGE versus using in-house personnel – you don’t have to purchase or lease special equipment and programs. Plus, no overtime for hourly employees.

Sledge can conduct counts during regular business hours or off-hours, resulting in minimal or no disruption to the customer experience and increased sales.